XPD 60-100mm adapter kit

Compatible ONLY with XPD series

Compatible ONLY with XPD series


Product Details: 

XPD 60-100mm adapter kit

Optional accessory for DPD-120


1x 100mm adapter
1x 60-78mm sleeve and retainer

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XPD 60-100mm adapter kit

About Zodiac Tools:
#1 Supplier for engine powered Post Drivers & other tools
We’re dedicated to providing you solutions, with an emphasis on construction, agriculture and other areas of work

Founded in 2014 Zodiac Tools, a long way from its beginnings in Asia and thereafter in Europe & America.

We’re continuously seeking to improve our products and finding new ideas to ease the work thus improving the productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a post driver?

Zodiac is a handheld gasoline engine 4T Honda GX35 powered Post Driver which simplifies installing posts, stackes and similar since it does not need an external power supply and can be used by a single person. It can drive up to 500 posts with 1L. of gasoline which make it economical and versatile to use compared to similar machinery. Learn more here: https://engines.honda.com/models/model-detail/mini-4

Why should I buy a Zodiac Post Driver?

Zodiac Post Driver saves time and we know that at work it means money. You can drive up to 500 posts saving up to 83% time over manual post drivers with as little as 1L of gasoline. It does not require a previous hole. Its strength ensures that the stakes and posts remain fixed and do not need other additional supports.

What kind of posts can handle a Post Driver?

Can drive any type of post that will fit into the Post Driver’s nozzle. For smaller posts, additional reducers can be purchased for a more comfortable use of the machine.

Due to the variety of posts that can be driven by our Zodiac Post Driver, if you have any questions about the type of posts you want to drive, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With a versatile removable machined plastic sleeve (optional) it will drive steel or timber stakes from 10mm to 52mm for the ZPD-52 and from 65mm to
82mm diameter for the ZPD-82. This allows you to easily drive different sized stakes
into the ground using minimal effort with a level of accuracy.
ZPD-100 will drive thicker stakes and posts from 100mm to 136mm
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XPD 60-100mm adapter kit

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35mm, 60mm, 70mm

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