What is a Zodiac Post Driver?

It is a hand-held tool that is powered by a 4-stroke unleaded gasoline engine and is primarily used to drive posts, stakes & others into the ground.

As you may be aware, erecting posts is the most cumbersome and demanding part of a project. In the construction of fences and setting them in place, is probably the hardest task. With the help of a Zodiac post drivers, it is possible to spare both time and increase the precision of putting posts in place.

Easy-to-use, will save you
a considerable amount of time and money in labor costs.

How Does a Zodiac Post Driver Work?

Zodiac post drivers drives your post into the ground with ample power, accurately vibrating the post into the ground, instead of smashing it down.

Zodiac Post Driver can install posts as tall as 10 feet in a matter of seconds and without fatigue to your body.

As compared to manual and pneumatic models, Zodiac post drivers are highly portable, versatile and rather powerful.

Works with all kind of posts materials and dimensions. Timber, Metal, Fiberglass and more...

The #1 most used Post Driver on the market

Industrial quality Post Driver powered by

Post Drivers

We are a family of entrepreneurs dedicated to the production of wine in southern Italy.
The Zodiac Post Driver has allowed us to replace the wooden trellis posts with metal in record time, having to resort to fewer employees and less work time.

Marco R. Calabrese

Salento, Italy

Post Drivers

Ideal for the installation of photovoltaic posts. It doesn't require previous or subsequent work on the ground, which has considerably reduced labor and material costs.

Aadi Dubois

Hœrdt, France

Post Drivers

We have problems with animals entering our farm and attacking livestock. With the Post Driver we have managed to install wooden posts to close the farm. The post has been perfectly nailed and has resisted the attempt of animals to break the fence.

Stephanie Mercier

Gruyères, Switzerland

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Up to
Honda GX35

The Zodiac Post Driver is powered and assembled with a genuine ultra-reliable HONDA GX35 engine (GX50 optional for ZPD 100 model), which is a 4 stroke engine for easy fueling, and also inclinable to operate at any angle. There is a highly effective internal dampening system in the handlestohelpmake your job easier throughout the entire day.The HONDA engine gives the post driver an amazing 1720 beats per minute.

There is no need for annoying hoses or external power sources. This 100% self-contained driver weighs only 35 pounds.  If you can get yourself to the post location; you can get your driver to the post location!

We value each and every customer, The Zodiac Post Driver has a 1 year warranty, with a lifetime impact warranty on the hammer itself.  HONDA carries a 2 year normal / 1 year commercial use warranty on the engine.

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    No external power sources are needed.
    Up to 500 posts with 1L of gasoline.

    Simple to Use

    Very easy to handle in the most difficult situations, rugged terrain and hard to access areas with reduced space.

    Fast Work

    Allows you to drive directly on the ground at any angle without previously drilling.

    Time Saving

    Every minute of work performed represents significant increase in terms of productivity; saves time thus reduce workforce costs.